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Sunday notes: Do not let yourself to be hurt by others

Sometimes you want to say to a person – “Be careful, you can hurt”.

Just like it can hurt you, as well as others who still have a living soul … It hurts from spoken words, it hurts from silence, indifference, waiting.

It hurts the growing understanding of the belief that goodness returns only goodness is wrong. You get tired of your faith. And waiting … that one day something will change. But we have to understand that people are not only good, that people are not what you want them to be. We have to understand that people are not changing. And have to accept it. 

We cannot expect people to have something they don’t have. And if they don’t have, they can’t give or share. When we understand and accept this reality, we feel better.

A person should learn to be alone with his thoughts. It helps. Helps to learn to distance yourself from expectation, waiting, beliefs. Talk to yourself, convince yourself that from now on you won’t let anyone hurt yourself. Why should you allow?

And when you trust yourself – you can act and live the way you want. And then you don’t have to say to a person – “Be careful, you can hurt”.

Because you don’t let it. You do not allow to approach to you, you have not let anyone into your inside. You protect yourself. Who else will protect you? Only you.

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    Are you a person who is easy to hurt?

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    Are you a highly sensitive person?

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  1. I have not answered your questions as I was sensitive once upon a time and I got hurt easily. But I am now wiser in my ways and have learnt to know it has nothing to do with me but with the one who chooses to hurt me. So I have learnt to move on.

  2. I am probably more sensitive than I should be. It is hard to change the very core of who you are. If I see someone crying I want to help them. It’s must who I am. I really don’t like mean people.