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Spark and Zoe

After their bath my dogs Spark and Zoe are sitting on the stairway trying to get some sun.  Zoe hates it when we use the hair dryer on her, she needs to be towel dried, hence she is still slightly wet.  She loves sitting there on the high perch and watching me run around doing my chores.

Spark is the one on top while Zoe has taken the lower berth.  It is usually Zoe who occupies the sunniest spot in the house at the head of the stairway.

They enjoy their bath and all the attention they get later.  She knows that her treat is coming  as it always does after her bath.  While it is a lot of work grooming the dogs and taking care of them without them our house would be a sad, gloomy place on weekdays.

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    Do you enjoy grooming your pets?

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    Do they have special places in the house that they have taken for themselves?

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