Song Saturday – Neil Young

This is a song that Neil sang with Waylon Jennings at Farmaid in 1985.

Get back to the country.

The song is a country song, written by Neil Young. He actually went to Nashville TN and recorded a full album (this song and several others).

At various times NY has tried virtually every genre of music (hard rock, rock, jazz and Country) in the US. the only thing he really hasn’t done is classical music and opera.

Interesting fact for Song Saturday. Neil Young has a child that adores model trains. Neil didn’t like the way the whistle on a Lionel train sounded he offered to record the sound for the company. They said no, we are going into bankruptcy and closing.

Neil bought the company. He also kept all the employees, and best of all re-did the train whistle for all Lionel model trains!

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  • Music brings so much more than noise right?

    • Yes


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