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So, Font of all Knowledge, Doc and Queen of Virily, Carol DM!

The rest of us want to be like you. We look up to you. We want to be a successful as you. We are not looking to be better than you, and still we want to be more successful. What should we be doing that we are not currently doing? 

I am probably confused, which is my not so new normal, if I read it right there are about 50 of us who are very active here. Why only 50?  Are the 50 of us all taking care of each-other? 

It occurs to me that we might be here for very different reasons. I love to learn, write, share and enjoy interacting with others. I am a primary caregiver or two ill family members. My time out of the house is typically getting supplies and going to doctors.  So this is a very important to me to be part of a community.  I require specific instructions because my way isn’t very successful. 

Here is what my family has to say. “Well you are probably too bossy. You probably write too much. You are probably too blunt. They probably don’t know that you talk to us all the time, like we know that CarolDM was concerned about the bluebirds. We have to come look at the pictures. We know something about almost everyone on this site. You actually think these people are your friends.”

They are quick to point out that I should leave the money factor completely out of the equation because I put in much more time than could make it profitable. I need to be satisfied with  interactions. I simply expect too much of others.

So there you have it, my family’s perspective.

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    Is there a secret equation that I am missing?

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    Am I bossy to ya’ll?

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    Have I lost my mind, again?

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    Am I taking all of this too seriously?

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What do you think?

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  1. DocAndersen, CarolDM, RexTrulove, Ghostwriter…there are so many that we would miss if they weren’t here anymore. Stopped by to say hello to my old family. Miss you!

  2. As CarolDM said in her comment, thank you so much for the call out.

    I would argue a bit with your family, that we share because there are thoughts and we need them out of our heads. that sometimes, the world beyond where we are, can see us better than the world within.

    It is easy, to criticize someone you have lived with for years. We see that person as an accumulation of all the things that were.

    Online it is as we are again born, new to the world. We can share the things we find hard, with a world that does not know them, has not seen them many times before.

    we are fresh, perhaps we here on Virily, are walking in untouched snow. Leaving tracks for others to examine, but no one has to follow.

    If they choose to follow, then we walk together for a time.

  3. Not every day I can visit virily, but the people here are a big family for me. I am delighted with the results and the popularity of Doc and Carol. They have merit for these efforts.

  4. There is a group here that when I got to read posts I always know I can find posts from them you included. When I do not find posts from one of you then I begin to think why and what have I been missing so I always try not to fall too far behind.

  5. First of all, thank you for the mention and the compliments. Made me smile to hear that you share my bluebirds with your family. How cool is that! It really is a nice thing to know my friend. And I do feel like you are my friend. There are different types of friends, as you know.

    As for consulting about issues, I never know everything. I try to help when and where I can. I have many questions about this site that will probably never be answered. But I offer support if needed, and give advice only sometimes. I share what is in my backyard. I try to offer plants to attract what I want to see and photograph.

    You seem to be doing great in my opinion. I do not pick up on you being bossy. 🙂

    • Oh CarolDM, we share everything you share. Bro says that the likes it when my virtual friends become brick and motar friends. I am grateful for that and understand completely what he means.

  6. Somehow, I smiled. Yah, Doc and CarolDM and others know much about many things. For any assistance or advice, they can always be consulted.
    It’s s joy knowing you have a caring community or an online family. I enjoy this Virily community.
    And, don’t take things too seriously. Life is too short to be serious always. I hope things will get better on your side.

    • I suppose I am very serious about how precious life is. It is probably not only my situation but my nature.

      I laugh every day and I cry tears of sadness and joy every day. It is who I am.

  7. Who knows?
    I have been (& will be) absent for long periods of time due to my other commitments, but even then, I do scan the odd post and comment when I feel my input to be useful/helpful/engaging…

    I am not here for the money, although it is a nice little bonus when it arrives unexpectedly and in some ways it keeps me coming back when I have abandond ‘other’ sites.

    So, I guess what I am saying is keep writing, keep finding interesting stuff or sharing your own thoughts with us. As for those secrets, you best ask Doc or Carol, they know far better than I.

    • I think I kind of asked them right out in this post. Yes, we all have other things to do and for me Virily helps keep those things in check with my choices and resolutions. I think I have become more accountable and focused simply because of people here and Virily and I am so grateful for that.