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Sky Sunday ~ Do we have new changes on the website?

I don’t usually check to see if I’ve received a virilis for all views of my posts. I know views and comments have dropped.

But today I noticed something “weird”. This led me to check the virilis received. I don’t know if any changes have been reintroduced.

I had 47 views of my last post (I know the views increase when I reply to comments). There were 47 views before I started replying to comments (I hadn’t opened this post before). This didn’t match the total number of virilis we see on the right. After checking, I found that I received virilis for only 19 views (19×3).

Please can anyone explain to me what is going on?

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  1. It happens to me every day not to receive virils, for the original views at the last post of a day, especially when I post towards the end of the day and I have already exceeded 50 “paid” views at the posts of that day..

  2. ok so there is a daily cap for views. But, since I share your posts to social media, you are not always getting Virily views.

    You only get paid for Virily views (other authors here).
    you don’t get paid for non- or external views.

    As for the maximum listed, I am not sure that applies in all cases. I am still watching that and trying to figure out the answer. This is one of the things I included in my ask of the admins for more communication.

  3. Beautiful picture!
    Only original views from users on the site receive virils so maybe you have some views from readers who are not members, and some of the views may be from users who had already opened your post before.

  4. I am really no help at all, but I didn’t want your post to go unanswered. Since we didn’t get paid I believe that things are just tough everywhere. I don’t know what it going on and I decided that looking and worrying about it was not good for me. So I just do what I can when I feel good enough to do something and hope for the best. I do know that the goal is conversations. So if I understand the instructions it’s to have conversations under the pictures and posts with others. If I am totally wrong I am certain someone will tell you what you need. Maybe ask Doc or Carol?


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