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Sky Sunday ~ Are We Sensitive?

I can say for myself that I am a very sensitive person.

Psychologists say that one in five people is an extremely sensitive person, which is an innate trait.

A sensitive person experiences certain other ‘normal’ phenomena more intensely, extremely.

More than others, they are aware of the barely perceptible because their brains process information differently and delve deeper into the things around them. They experience emotional stress very strongly. Dishonesty and injustice hurt them because they think all the people in the world are good, kind. They experience love and friendship intensely and deeply.

Often, extremely sensitive individuals protect themselves by withdrawing or attacking.

Let us not avoid all the circumstances that we fear could trigger sensitivity in us, but let us learn the necessary skills we need to cope better with these difficult circumstances.

  • Are you a sensitive person?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?

Written by vidocka


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  1. I tend to withdraw myself, too, when my sensitivities are hurting.

    That’s a good examination of sensitivity.

    Perhaps, I could add my own two cents worth here too.

    What is sensitivity, is it good or bad for us?

    Love lives in all environments with itself, and with any other type of person nearby too.

    The sensitive person feel love’s vibrations in all places, and actually look for it actively in all situations; the insensitive brush the lessons of love aside, and continue to bulldoze through.

    The sensitive feel the subtle truths, which the insensitive merely walk over, not noticing them at all.

    Sensitivity can bring pain, if you are walked on by others, because of who you are.

      • I have noticed that if a creepy person walks behind me, I get a shiver run up my spine.

        My sensitivity has picked up on this, even though it is going on behind my back.

        Our sensitivity is like another sense, I think, apart from the usual 5, that we all have.

  2. There is great teaching by the poet William Blake. He asks the question of whose hand-created, the tyger, and the lamb.

    there is a pain in sensitivity, but sometimes we have to be open to the pain. we are less when we hide behind the walls.

    the same hand created the lamb and the tyger.


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