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Sky Sunday – All that Glitters is not Gold…

After watching a TV programs about Matakana Island off Tauranga, they are a small Maori community where they all work together and love each other. However, across the water is the bright lights of Tauranga. Just like Auckland city.

People go with great expectations and some succeed and others come to grief. 

What really matters? The love of others and being part of a strong community or seeking the greener grass over the fence? 

Just as Christmas is coming, many in Auckland live on the street and it is not so good to them, when shopping malls hit people with commercialism. Some will go without and pets will be abandoned because people can no longer afford to keep them

Small things may not be much to some, but to me it is people and their kindness that are the true gold.

  • Do family and friends matter more to you than “things”?

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Written by Pamela Moresby


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    • Thanks for your kind comments Robin, I often think what is the point of “Things”..I will be honest and say I have some “things” but they are sentimental because they remind me of special people in my life. However, I have got some “things” for summer, mosquito zappers, as their bites are horrible. Fly catchers as I don’t like flies and Im setting up a system to rid us of the Guava moth, so we can eat fruit this summer.

  1. There is ‘no’ option but now you can edit this post if you want to That is the plus point of the upgrade.

    Seeking greener pastures at the cost of family and friends is what people opt for, mostly


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