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Sequential Showdown Challenge

I have a smaller bookshelf, one shelf is mostly graphic novels and another is entirely manga, which started me thinking… 

Here is my poll about sequential art, you can either list your favorite title in the comments or start your own thread, just use the tag #sequentialshowdown

  • comics or manga?

    • Comic Books
    • Manga
  • indie or mainstream?

    • Independant
    • Mainstream
  • DC or Marvel?

    • DC
    • Marvel
  • fantasy or sci fi?

    • Fantasy
    • Sci Fi
  • Superhero or anti-hero?

    • superhero
    • anti-hero
  • Graphic novel or periodical?

    • graphic novel
    • periodical
  • B&W or color?

    • black & white
    • color

What do you think?

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  1. Thank for the memories of yesterday. I started out as a child with Casper and various Disney type comics, then to Archie comics that I really devoured and then discovered the world of love comics. Later I incorporated some Superman and so on.

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