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Seeing The Northern Lights

It has always been a dream of mine to see the Northern Lights. My Australian friend is going this year.

She was told if you live in Europe, the easiest thing to do is head to the far northern parts of Norway, Sweden and Finland. This is the route she will be taking.

Not only will she see the Northern Lights, but Norway, Sweden and Finland. I am so happy for her. It will be the first time she will see snow. 

She had to go and buy snow boots and winter clothes. I am excited for her. 

I told her when I win the lottery and become a millionaire, maybe I can make the same trip.

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Written by Carol DM


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  1. i have seen the Northern lights twice in my life. Once in Norway, and once in Alaska (there were many chances, just no lights many times).

    I found the beauty in Alaska to be much greater but circumstances and time may have changed that perception.

  2. The Aurora borealis is apparently a magnificent light show. I would also love to see it one day but my old days are slowly creeping on me, so maybe not but at least I have your gorgeous picture to see over and over again…

  3. Beautiful picture. The Northern Lights are on my bucket list, quite near the top!! I may even get to see them at the end of next year. I am anticipating getting a large-ish sum of money around September 2021, so I am going to use at least some of that to do some travelling. I haven’t had a holiday abroad (or even in this country) for around 12 years, so I am definitely going abroad at the end of next year! One of the places on my list is Scandinavia, to see the Aurora.


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