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Saturday Critters: The Funeral … was it a murder or due to a natural cause

Yesterday, we saw a yummy, juicy and red watermelon on top of the table.   We went up just to have a look at it and, we can’t help but try it.   We didn’t like it that much, but my big boss chomped a big part of it.  See him on   (picture 1).

And then, we continued our journey when all of a sudden my friend saw him on the floor.   (picture 2)

  • Picture 1 Big boss enjoying this red fruit. Your reaction?

    • ? – whaaaat!?!
    • ? – awww how cute
    • ? – slurp… yummy
  • Picture 2: My friend saw him and we tried to revive him. Your reaction…

    • ? – sniff… cry.. sniff
    • ? – hmm… something’s fishy here
    • ? – overeating… hmp!
  • Picture 3: We tried to bring him to the hospital but… Your reaction…

    • ? – seriously?
    • ?- you can do it!
    • ? – are you sure?
  • Picture 4: it was too late… and the police ant is asking you as a witness, What do you think happened?

    • ? It was a murder, because of the poisonous watermelon.
    • ? It was a natural death, because of overeating.
    • ? It was.. ahhh… ehh…. I don’t know I blinked and then there it goes.

What do you think?

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