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Saturday Critters: Krooo.. kraawww … krooooo

That’s the sound of the critters. Krooo.. kraawww.. kroooo

Like the ordinary real critters, this came from a beautiful flower.  (See  Picture 1).

But once it tasted  the real blood of the octopus  ( Picture 2 ) it turned out to be a critter.   (See picture above)

This huge tree (Picture 3) is the home of these critters.  I don’t know if you have this kind of tree in your country.

In the comment section:

Please feel free to share your fright about this critter and if you have this tree in your neighborhood.

“krooo.. kraaaaw.. kroooooo”  means, Thank you so much.

  • Question of

    Picture 1: Such a cute and innocent flower. Your reaction is..

    • Oh… wow.. such a beauty ??
    • Yucky……??
    • Roll eyes ??
  • Question of

    Picture 2: Eating an octopus. Your reaction?!

    • Yummy ??
    • Yucky ??
    • Oh! Come on… octopus??? ??
  • Question of

    Picture 3: Huge tree

    • Wow… ??
    • Creepy…??
    • Come on…huge tree??? ??


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