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Saint Nicholas

Yesterday we were visited by St. Nicholas. The pilgrimage is an old winter house, which is home in the entire Alpine region, where young boys on the eve of St. Anthony’s Day. Nikola, on the 5th of December, turns every year to Parks, where accompanied by Sv. The Nicholas are on the streets and villages of the village. They move from house to house, where children, girls and elderly villagers visit. They represent good spirits, who with their rampage are chasing evil winter spirits from people, houses and the whole village.

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    The village was visited by St. Nicholas?

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  1. Different traditions, customs and faith in different nations.
    Catholics and Orthodox Christians came from one religion, but they were divided.
    And now we have different interpretations, different dates for the celebration of church holidays. Saint Nikola is our saint and always falls on December 19th in the new calendar.
    Protector of seafarers.
    It seems that we celebrate the only level of the year on the same day of January 1. There are Chinese and some may be other people.
    AU I write a novel.
    Done, bye.

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