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Rescued Bird Of Prey

A few years ago as the boys were playing soccer with their cousins  and friends in a large field  we parents sat around chatting and catching up with each other on the sidelines.

Suddenly something fell through the trees.  It was a white headed eagle or Brahmani Kite . It was a young bird and it seemed to have some problem flying. It just wouldn’t let us approach it. The bird pecked us so hard that a couple of us were bleeding. Finally we called the wildlife reserve people and they found that a twig/thorn was stuck in its wing.

The bird was bleeding profusely. They removed the twig and treated the bird in their center.  The wild life people called me after three days to tell me that the bird was free and flying in the sky. Each time I see one of these birds I wonder it it was our eagle.

I was reminded of this picture and story by Carol’s post about the rescued Owl.

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  1. I used to do home care and one day a woman waited for me to arrive. A Kereru or Woodpigeon sat in a place waiting for me.
    I picked it up in a warm towel and drove it out to Bird Rescue from Greenlane to Greenbay which is a long way. This bird rescue is under the care of Lyn MacDonald and she has a team of volunteers working for her.
    She looked at the Bird and told me it was concussed and it hit it’s head on a glass window. When a Kereru or NZ Woodpigeon is like that they forget how to fly.
    She gave it some painkiller and put it with other wounded Woodpigeons as they help to heal each other
    It takes 6 – 8 weeks to learn how to fly again.

    • Hmm its sad how many birds hit themselves against the glass. One of the reasons i used tinted glass around my house.
      What a sweet story Pamela, it is worth driving that distance to save a little life.. I am sure your little guy is flying again now and looking down at you to say thank you.

  2. One of the things that always makes me sad is seeing a dog by the side of the road alone. We do not pick up the dog (you just never know) but there is a group that comes and will help the dog adjust to a new life.

    We have called many times. My daughter goes and works there on the weekends (her Husband works weekends). We have given time and money for the great organization.

    • Yeah , pups by the roads side break my heart too. It is good to call someone who helps. Its not practical to take all the dogs home. Financial assistance helps a great deal. We often get calls from people who tells us about abandoned dogs. We try to find good homes for them while they stay with CUPA or some other local agency. .

  3. The news that the bird was back flying must have put you on a high!!

    Two days ago Lolly our cat brings a cuckoo right inside. I chased him the entire garden until it released the bird. The bird I saw was limping and hid at a place where Lolly could not reach it. I went back there and it was gone.

    That run with my broken back was indeed a feat for me (lol)

    • Oh my goodness. I wonder how Lolly caught the cuckoo, cuckoos aren’t that easy to catch. Good on you that you took the risk to save the bird.
      Yeah it is a great feeling to know that you saved a life.

    • That happens so often, baby birds falling from their nests. But I have been told never to touch a baby bird that has fallen,then the parents will reject it. We used to keep a watch over those baby birds until their parents come and take them back.
      It happens with baby squirrels too.

  4. I thought I was rescuing a baby bird once that fell out of the bird house and seemed injured. However when I called wildlife they told me to just leave it where it is because sometimes the mom throws them out and will come for them later.

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