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Refreshed ~ Macro Monday

After all that needs to be done is over for another day that will soon pass, when there are no more people to talk to, while a million questions still rage in the mind, then nature is the best friend to talk and listen to.

Nature that speaks in its own language, is spiritual intelligence that seems more silent even though it is actually the best teacher to consider rather than being regarded as something that passive and merely a shadow of life. Nature which encompasses us, can show the capacity of our consciousness or scale to show spiritual growth and provide a perspective on where we are on our spiritual journey, from us who are very ignorant and only someone who is very selfish, conscious only of himself and only thinking about himself to the highest point of 100% which refers to the culmination of one’s spiritual growth, namely the Awareness of the True Self (Enlightenment) or achieving Unity with God. Of course, most people will find it difficult to accept and understand this as elementary school students will find it difficult to understand high school learning.

Well, even if we don’t care about that, at least nature with all its parts in a single unit can provide freshness, peace, tranquility, and bliss. At least nature can help rid ourselves of stress, the burden of mind, and anxiety.

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