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Purple Color Crazy – wild purple blossoms

Monday is certainly not a day when you can be lazy and without a rush to watch passersby proudly. I don’t know what your day is, but for me, all days here are like a marathon now, and the best diet  – you snack when you get a few free minutes or remember that you also need to eat.

And here I am, the great propagator of slow living, speak so and rush, rush, rush – unbelievable.  For another life, I really intend to be a cat to a good host. And to live slowly and proudly. But sometimes it just happens – life itself makes you rush, and then you notice that the more you do, the more time to accomplish everything from somewhere magically occurs.

And you even manage to catch the pleasure of all that chaotic flight. With the new month, the first autumn month everyone, but let us rush slowly, if possible.

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  1. Its been a weird year here on the coast in San Diego. We have only seen the sun probably 6 times this summer. So no, I am not ready for fall. I am ready for summer to begin. lol.