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Slow down your pace

There is no advantage to rushing. That is what I realized today when I burned the back of a waitress who was preparing coffee for me for half an hour. Half an hour I could devote to looking at flowers, reading, or making exercises, I was in a hurry, though I had nowhere to go.

There is no advantage to rushing. In a hurry, I always break something, stumble, forget and have to go back. Hurry is always a source of anger: if not for those you can’t catch, then for those who are behind you. The hardest part is not getting angry.

The hardest part is understanding that we each have our own rhythm, we each hear our drums, we each blossom and mature in our own time. Som like oaks, others like daisies.

No need to rush – time will catch you when it is needed. Life is delicious when you go and look around and you taste it little by little, because with it, as with anything else, when it’s all at once – it’s too much. Hurry slowly.

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  1. I guess a fast pace is my way of life for a while now. I am trying to build up my writing money pot and learned I could multi-task in writing also. I will, however, slow down a bit and go out for a while tomorrow.

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