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Where to rush and where to slowly enjoy life

First and foremost, you should be clear about what to do quickly and what to do slowly. We should do quickly those deals that are related to the means of our activities, but by no means with goals or, above all, with meaning.

For example, business meetings should go quickly. Write reports quickly. Talk quickly and not much about work – you have to work it, not discuss it. Communicate with bureaucrats as quickly and as little as possible. Quickly read news from newspapers and web portals. Not to read destructive and obscure information at all – after all, life is too short, so read what is most valuable.

At the same time, it is necessary to bring back the slow reading of good literature, re-watch your favorite movies; slow communication with friends and family. One has to enjoy beloved landscapes and museums.

Most importantly, let us restore value to concepts, words, oaths, creations, moral reputation, and life forms. So far, we have lived in a world of global inflation. Why not try deflation? This requires that value and meaning first and foremost return to human souls.

Why glorify a life where everything is devalued and meaningless? Maybe it’s better to try to live differently? Then you will not have to consider your lives as victims on the altar of globalization or any other instrument of mythologized progress.

So less fatalism and looking into the centers of world power. More freedom and courage not to rush but delve, slowly read, and experience every moment of our stay.

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