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Purple Chili Pepper

A typical Bicolano cuisine is known for having native pepper as a primary ingredient.  There was even a story circulating that when typhoon would hit our place, the first thing that people would save is their pepper plant. We call it ‘siling labuyo’ or translated as ‘wild chili.

However, I didn’t know that there was a purple pepper until I saw this in our office garden. A purple pepper. It looks like an ordinary pepper but the fruits are purple. According to my officemates, it is as hot as the red chili pepper.

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  • Do you use chili pepper when cooking?

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Written by Sharon Lopez

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    • Same here, my husband and my children don’t like eating chili foods. Even though our place is known for having the best chili recipes. We even have chili ice cream in our place which gained popularity throughout the country. Thank you for dropping by.

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