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Progressives Give Thanks Everyday and Last Thanksgiving Day


This story brings me to tears.  So vividly unforgettable to behold. That’s why I felt the urgency to share the heart-warming, life-changing experience of gratefulness from my perspective. Babylon Bee makes an expression of thanks to the nation’s progressives. The Bee buzzes about this group of mad people. Bees equally are thankful, in return, for the enjoyment of a spectacle the Progressives have been making of themselves shouting at people in the media and public places. The trend these Progressives are mad about for the last three years and a half– and still counting– are still making the news among smirky, triggering conservatives. The Progressives continually, unwittingly resist the voice of silence and peace-making. Oh, no, you cannot question them because, “What right have you to deny us, Progressives, of our First Amendment?”, they protest.  I concur.  I tear up– in laughter. They, the Progressives, are thankful to America for being allowed the First Amendment in US politics. You’re welcome!  Our pleasure to give you that privilege.  As long as you don’t stop the non-progressives into silencing us.

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    Upon reading the news from Babylon Bee I shared, do you agree with the Progressives’ list of what they’re mad about?

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    Are you thankful about life and freedom you now enjoy?

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    • Always
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    Will you share your voice of thanks by commenting below?

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    • I started in October 2018. At the start, it was disheartening and slow. But, like you said and inspired me, commitment to Virily community of real and amazing people is what I’m beginning to realize I’ve decided to put my steady gear on doing. Thank you.

      What is Flipboard? And thank you so much!

  1. The source selected is rated questionable by many organizations on the internet (FYI).

    There are those who seek voice for their freedoms.
    There are those who give their lives for freedoms.

    But all deserve the right to speak.

  2. LOL Well, there’s no need for progress if you’re comfortable with what you already have. They wouldn’t even exist if they had nothing to be mad about, fair enough, that’s what supposedly keeps them alive. It’s a noble lesson about gratefulness, as we should also be grateful of the struggles that make us stronger, but it’s quite funny as well. 😄

    • You already know who these Progressives are that constitute their way of political activism. THEY and their ideology are pretty much self-explanatory. Thank you.

      By the way, my article has not spoken anything about the “making progress is wrong.”

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