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Perspective ~ Let's Do More

Do you remember the reason I started this challenge? That was because a friend who had visited my house that night, more than two months ago. At that time, he told some of his problems which had made him very frustrated. He said that he had done everything he knew and he was able to do it but the problem that had been going on for about a year had never been resolved.

At that time I asked whether all he had done was really all? Of all my input to him, the last sentence of the suggestion was an appeal to “Do more”. This evening, a few hours ago after I had dinner, he came again. His face was bright and he smiled a lot. In essence, his arrival is to thank and convey the news that some of the problems have been resolved well while the rest just waiting for time. From the remaining problems, he said that whatever the results, he would accept them with high minded and sincere. One thing that makes me happy is the key to solving the problem is how he approaches and sees the problem as I have suggested.

He acknowledged that it was not easy at all and even very challenging his pride, but he was happy with his new perspective. He also felt so relieved besides feeling more optimistic about addressing the dynamics of life, even with the most painful possibilities. That includes changes in people’s views about him lately, both from those who sympathize or who consider him naive, stupid, cowardly, or even hypocrite. I can only appreciate him by saying proud and grateful for his courage to conquer himself. Don’t forget that as long as we live, there will still be many challenges and problems, so it is fitting for us to always learn, be aware, alert, and be ready.

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  1. Interesting, today my sister (after finishing her session) came back and asked me to try something together with her. It’s really simple, just cut an apple not the usual way … (just horizontal across instead of vertical down)… there is a surprise …

    And then she said, sometimes, just a little change in perspective/approach can create new views or solution or …

  2. I do remember why you started the challenge. The Let’s Do More sticks with me. It is very core of what I believe.

    If we accept what is done then we have failed ourselves.

    It is critical that we find a path where we treat all people as contributors to our path.

  3. So true, life can look like you can only see something in one way, when in actual fact it is broader than we think or know.
    My husband is always challenging me to see things from a different point of view and it turns out he is usually right.
    Thanks for this post.

  4. I know you were relieved with this visit. A great reminder to all of us that life will continue throwing things our way, creating difficult situations. But in realizing this, if we put our mind to it, we can find a way to get through. You are a great friend.

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