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Part 2 of my top 5 tech for 2020

My initial list:

  • Snapmaker 2
  • HoloLens 2
  • Chasing Dory
  • Oculus Quest
  • Capsule portable projector

Chasing Dory is an interesting product. In part because o the market it represents. In part because of its overall price point. What is chasing Dory? It is a remotely operated vehicle or ROV. Connect the Chasing Dory submarine to its buoy and see what is under the water. The unit includes a camera and lights so that you can see things underwater. Traditionally ROV’s have been expensive. Chasing Dory is a much cheaper ROV. Why do I think this technology is going to take off? Because it lets anyone go and see what is under the surface of the water without having to put on scuba gear! It will start to trend up in the market towards the early summer months of 2020. What are the market drivers: First off, it will be pleasure boat owners, people that love fishing, and those afraid of water but curious about what is there.

The next technology is another headset but different from the HoloLens solution. The product is the second Virtual Reality headset released by the team at Oculus (a Facebook Company). The product is called the Oculus Quest. It, like the HoloLens, is a self-contained system. Oculus also has a PC based Vr headset, but the Quest operates on its own. You can load games and virtual experiences on the device and interact with the Virtual world. I find two of the early offerings interesting. The first is the Apollo 11 tour. You get to virtually tour the insides of the command capsule and the Lunar Lander of the Apollo 11 mission. The other application is a big screen. It lets you share what is on your computer with the Oculus Rift — creating a huge monitor! VR is already taking off, but the market is going to continue to grow in 2020. What are the market drivers: education, the ability to take people on a virtual tour of a historical place, is a huge driver. VR displays of museums and motion-based VR sporting applications will drive this market.

The final item for today’s cool tech comes from Anker. Anker is known for creating great USB hubs, cables, and USB power systems. They also have a personal projector called Capsule. The Capsule uses AndroidTV. The Capsule has a great speaker, battery, and a built-in projector. You can use it as a standalone system. Turn it on and via AndroitTV, watch Hulu, Amazon Video, Netflix, or live TV. You can also plug your laptop or desktop into the projector and use it as a portable meeting system.  What are the market drivers: this market has been slowly increasing over the last five years that will continue in 2020.

That is my first set of  2020 technologies that will trend list. Over the year, I will update each of these technologies and add/remove ones that start to change the market. All of these technologies were crowdfunded except for Hololens. I strongly recommend you check out Kickstarter. The technology offerings on that site, are often game-changing!

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  1. Thanks for the information on these gadgets. Finding Dory, well, Dory is a type of fish which is expensive in NZ.
    Personally, I think people need to think about the fish they catch, because they need small fish to grow and breed to produce more fish
    There are laws regarding fishing in NZ waters for this reason, to protect the fish species and keep the fish going.
    We even have marine reserves for this purpose.

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