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Our True Essense

And how interesting it is to finally understand what a funny race a person makes with himself when he grows up.

After all, we come with that essence, we come to purify it, just to be, but instead of being ourselves, we choose to become something we are not, we want to be more important and significant. We create our own lives according to the trends of the time, completely ignoring what the heart quietly talks about. Finally, we cover ourselves with so many veils of various qualities that we can no longer hear the heart. We are no longer seeing our true path.

The truth is that there is no what I call “I” today. Because “I” is just a never-ending dream, a constantly changing, transient world of shapes and names. Filled with symbols, elements. “I” is just a creation. A piece of environment and experiences, a piece of desires and expectations.

It’s not a tragedy. Such is the world. Most of humanity lives like that, but it’s far more complicated when we identify with that “I” completely blindly and take away the opportunity to remember who we really are. Because deep inside we all know it.

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