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Do you believe that our lives are predetermined?

The fate, destiny… that strange thing we are not responsible for or responsible for? Was everything determined from above in our life? Every touch, every kiss, every thrilling moment?

Are we powerful enough to take that fateful step by ourselves, as if to get off in station of our ‘Milky Way’ road? I hesitate. 

Is it possible to pass by your destiny? Do the most important things and the most significant things in human life are determined? The family, residence, and the experiences and challenges? 

Why it sometimes seems like only units on this planet, only units manage to finally understand who they are where they go, what is the purpose of their life? Mostly, a person is not living his life but dictated by the environment, fashion, politics, arts, or science, or maybe religion.

After all, it is no secret that most people die without having time to live but rather chasing for something which later produces the opposite result than expected. Where you are and where the dreams of pink lies are?

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  1. I watched an old movie once. The character was a young man and he was having a hard time in his life. At one point he told the old guy who was trying to encourage him “If this is what my life is going to be like I might as well die and get over with it now!”

    I think if people believed that their lives were predetermined that would be their attitude. If it’s all planned out why bother to live it out? Who am I living my life for?

  2. I believe that the universe is ruled by entropy. But, whenever this comes out in conversation I eventually have to add that entropy does not exclude order.
    It wouldn’t exclude fate either. I guess I don’t know really.