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How much we can control our life?

Can we control the weather? Is the weather given or is it whatever it is, regardless of our desires? Sometimes it seems like I wanted a sunny day and here it is, just for me, according to my order. But that sun did not listen to our request or permission.

Interestingly, all life happens in the same way as the weather – it is given. Life happens and experiences change each other. From somewhere, we gain the belief that we control life. We decide for ourselves what our life should be and where it goes.

Everything happens by itself as one transformation. There is no controller to tell life to happen. You seem to be in control of everything, but a virus comes and changes your whole life. And we realize that we are losing control.

But can you lose something you never had before? I think we can control it to some degree only. External events influence it regardless of our wishes. 

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  1. Some have more power to control than others, but although we do not have much choice of our personal circumstances – what we make of the things we have – is truly ours.
    I believe in creativity, it gets things done, solves problems and expands our universe.

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