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One rare kind of onion in my garden.


Robin Biznis May 16.2019 Belgrade, Serbia

This is a native plant from the bulb family.At the end of the text, for those who did not know the picture, they’ll say how it’s called.I planted it five years ago. It survives over the winter.It can be found in nature as a solitary bull.It grows by the river and on the humid terrain.In May, she is developing a beautiful purple flower, as you can see in the picture.It’s in my garden in full bloom. It can be grown in pots as an aromatic and decorative plant.For his diet, his leaf is used. The main characteristic of the plant is the scent that closely resembles the onions and in some cases even on the young onion. Thanks to this, it delicately follows the taste of prepared foods and makes it a good substitute for other spices. Not only with taste, but also for supplying nutrients (especially if you eat raw). That’s why it has a significant place in the kitchen.But she also has a medical significanceEspecially stands out as a diuretic and antiseptic. Antibacterial and hypoglycemic properties can be indicated (reduces blood sugar).It is also known as an antioxidant. It can be used to treat acne, for insect bites, but also for various burns. It turned out that his leaves were good for coughing. In addition, it positively affects the digestive organs, preventing overwintering. It can regulate cholesterol and high blood pressure.It is rich in minerals (sulfur, calcium, phosphorus, iron and potassium) and vitamins (group B, A and C). It contains , carbohydrates, fibers, proteins, fats, acid and more useful minerals.I hope you recognize that it’s about chives.

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