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One Penny

You may think it’s nothing special, but this penny means something.

To be honest, I don’t know anything about it. I wouldn’t even know what it was, if it wasn’t clearly written. I don’t know if it’s old or recent. I suppose it’s a British penny because, on a side, you can see the image and read the name of the Queen.

It is special because I’ve never been to the UK. Actually, I haven’t been abroad at all.

However, I can easily guess how this coin reached my pockets.

Wrong change.

Yes, the kind of wrong change where it isn’t just the amount to be incorrect, but the currency.

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    Have you ever got foreign currency by mistake?

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    Do you always pay attention when you’re given change?

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  1. I have any number of these in my change – maybe because I’m British and these are precisely what I would expect to get! I have been known to get the occasional US cent in my change – they are the same size and weight.

    The inscription reads ELIZABETH II D. G. REG. F. D. 2001 – the initials stand for Deo Gratia Regina Fideo Defensor, this being Latin for Queen by the Grace of God. Defender of the Faith. The latter title was given in the 16th century to King Henry VIII by the Pope at the time, as recognition for his actions on behalf of the Roman Catholic Church. Not long afterwards, Henry broke with the Catholics and made himself head of the Church of England, which every monarch since that time has been. Henry kept the title, although the faith he was defending was completely different!

  2. LOL, sounds like something special …perhaps “fun”?
    I do keep currency of countries I visited and then at times I accidentally use them … lol
    but the sellers are very sharp, they’ll tell me I gave them wrong currency :p

    • I don’t like the little pennies either, here we call them “lice”. ?
      They can come in handy sometimes, but carrying a purse of coins all the time isn’t that pleasant. I just appreciate and keep those with a meaning or nice images.

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