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Freedoms and rights

I watch people fear to lose their “freedoms and rights”. Just for some reason, we imagine that my freedom is more important than another’s life. I do not know what has affected our heads – we care only about ourselves. ME and MY wishes and habits!

But we all realize that Corona’s target audience is grandparents – i.e. our grandparents and parents. Part of our family, not some remote inhabitants. And that whining and inability to repress ourselves to some degree, as every man with a healthy psyche, in the face of war and the plague would fo, is incomprehensible to the mind today. It is as if pampered teen sociopaths care about … their freedoms, which mean death to grandparents.

The closer the community is, the closer its people are, the more they support and help each other in disasters. As a result, today’s EU countries are not united – full of strangers, whose parents and roots are far away, who matter no matter where their country of residence is, and their welfare!

90% of the dead are said to be older people and death is just mowing them. Everyone understands that rigorous discipline and self-isolation are meant to protect them, not the youngster!

I think this period will help many people to reevaluate their priorities, attitudes, and values. Although for a while, that’s for sure. I am very eager to believe. Well, with those “assholes”, probably nothing will change, their heads are empty.

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