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Nonna is the Italian word for grandmother, but Nonna is more than a person.

Nonna is a lifestyle, a tradition.

She’s the lady that will always ask rhetorical questions such as:

– Have you eaten yet?

– Are you hungry?

Rhetorical questions because, no matter what you say, she’ll make you a dish.

She will also flood you with candy, but advise you to not eat too many, because it’s bad for the teeth. Never say no to a Nonna, or she’ll take it personally.

She’s the lady you can count on when it comes to pocket money, but she’ll say:

– Buy yourself an ice-cream with this.

It doesn’t matter if it’s summer or winter, one dollar bill or fifty bucks.

The weather is truly unimportant, she will always make sure you’re warm.

– Wear the scarf.

– But it’s like 30°C (85°F) outdoors.

– There could be wind, bad for the throat. Listen to nonna, wear the scarf.

She’s the lady that might not remember your name, but you’ll always be her priority. She thinks of you and will make her best to get what you like. She knows what it takes to cheer you up when you’re sad. We all know it’s food, but she’s also wise and willing to support you in the decisions you take.

Please, never forget what a Nonna has been for you.

If you’re a female, you may become a grandmother some day.

And I really hope you’ll keep the tradition alive.

If you want to read something more personal, you can visit my post on myLot.

In Russia, Nonna is a feminine name. However, this country has it own version of nonna, known as babushka.

It looks like most grandmas, all over the world, act and look alike.


The photo is not my own, but a public domain image taken by pxhere.

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  1. Oh dear friend Nonna, of course, tradition must be maintained because there are noble values ​​behind it. After read all the features that you mentioned, it seems like my mother falls into this Noona category.

    Nice to read and understand traditions from other cultures!

  2. I did not grow up with a grandmother like that, one was a person who told her life stories in the Eastern extension of British Cable & Wireless.
    The other one died when I was a baby, she had cancer
    However I met a woman from Croatia much like your Nonna, you never said no to her.


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