New ways to consider using social media to boost your posts

First of all, I wanted to explain the format change in my technology posts. My pal doing the study on internet activity asked me to shake things up a little. (long story short he wanted me to change up the wander project as well but I just can’t). We talked about different things that impact posts and different ways to “maintain views across multiple platforms. I thought I would share with you some of the things he was interested in seeing if they would work. The first part is sharing; the second part is the actual content of the posts.

Sharing platforms

Facebook, Twitter, Mix, Reddit, Mewe, Patron and Flipboard, and WordPress (backup blog)

We had a long conversation about each of the social platforms and what/how I share. He asked me to start, including links to other content areas I use or have online. I’ve been adding those in trying to keep them related to the topic, although today they have not related in any way. He was telling me to try new things (I know many of you have been trying many new things over the past few weeks)!

I will happily share tips as he hands them out. The first one is to connect all your digital presence. When possible, share information on multiple platforms. I can say here are several authors here that do an excellent job of sharing across various platforms (I am not one of them, I need to start doing a better job of that)!.

Sharing across platforms isn’t just sharing to social media. It is pulling articles, pieces, and pictures into various social media sources and sharing them slightly differently. For example, I now use Hubpages to share longer articles when I have too much for this site. I back up this site on WordPress because, honestly, I was burned badly by the decline and fall of Niume. The other thing my friend said is that he felt I had found an exciting way to share fun information with Just for fun (he doesn’t like the format I’ve chosen to use).

Making things better for first responders

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  1. Facebook just mixed with my head. Personally I find the new format rather confusing and I am still trying to get used to it. Me We absolutely confuses me but I belong to poetry groups there so I use it for posting and checking in with others.


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