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My favorite Hibiscus

Hibiscus are pretty common flowers in every garden especially, in the tropics. However, these flowers bring color and grace to every garden. They never fail to give some warmth and happiness to any face.

This one here is one of the brightest blooms in my garden. These are the multi-petal flowers that looks so full and lovely and adorn your garden as beautifully as any rose or lily does.

I have a few colors in this variety, a pastel pink and yellow. However, this orange one makes heads turn and eyes pop out more than the others do. Just a couple of flowers are enough to brighten my garden. The best part about hibiscus is that they are in bloom all through the year.

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Written by Dawn


  1. It’s so lovely. I love all the flowers. Though, I am not familiar with most of the flowers I see. But if I would have to choose, I would prefer and orchids garden.

    • Orchids are a class by themselves. They do not grow well everywhere or adopt to their surrounding so easily. I lost around 50 of my orchid plants after moving homes. They are very expensive too. Thanks Sharon for stopping by.

    • Hibiscus come in so many different colors. Here where I live the red hibiscus is almost non existent. However, when one looks for flowers to use for hibiscus tea they would go hunting for red ones.

  2. I can understand why people would turn around and check out this orange looking flower more closely because that is what drew me to check up your photo and your post. It is a very vibrant, gorgeous orange flower. I have never seen hibiscus here but of course I live in North America…so the climate is not appropriate for year round blooms… Your photo does justice to this beautiful eye catching hibiscus.