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Movers Project Group One explained

I promised in comments for yesterday’s post to further explain each of the three groups. First off, the intent of breaking group one two and three is to gather information. Group One will have three groups if we get enough people. The first would be the users that only share posts for a week via Twitter. The second will be the group that only shares posts via Facebook. Finally, the last part of Group one will be the Pinterest group; They will share posts via Pinterest. Now, of course, it is easy for me to say that it is far different going forward to what that means. The first question is, do you use social media sharing on Virily today? Group one is only for those Virilians that use Social Media sharing today.

If you don’t share via social, you can still participate in group two; we will take about Group two tomorrow. Here is a very simple process. Group One users will log into the post and will share the posts they read via the Social Network they are in the group for. So Facebook Group One will only share the posts for other Authors on Facebook. The Twitter Group One user will only share the posts on Twitter.  The Pinterest Group One Users will only share the article on Pinterest. We will do this for four days. The people in Group one will comment, but the main focus here is to find out which Social Media site has the largest impact on Virily external readers.

Again, we will do this for four days. The members of group one will pick four posts a day, and they will capture the links of those posts and send them to me along with the time they shared them on Social media and the social media site they shared them to as well.

1. Log into Virily

2. Open four posts

3. Comment

4. Share via your group Social media

5. Capture link and capture time you shared

6. Send a PM to Doc!

That is it. Honestly, this will add maybe 20 seconds to your normal reading process per post. So for four days, I am asking for 00:05:20. I will check the links and the time stamp and gather information as to which social media site works. Please note that this is phase 1 of the movers list project.

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  1. I have profiles in almost all sites. However, I only use Facebook and Google. I do not have the habit of sharing posts there. But because of the idea I will. I’ll wait for you to say when we start. Whether I understand correctly – after all, I need to send the photo of sharing personal messages to you.

  2. Thanks for the invitation, but this is really too much for me, my dear friend … I’m not publishing anywhere else because I do not know … I’m just on Facebook and nowhere else …


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