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Most who interacted with me have disappeared

We all know the Site has lost its old fame specially with regard to how much one can earn here and that has put off many a user.  Understandable. 

At the same time if we stick around there is hope that the Site may breathe the same way it did earlier.  I like this Site as those few users who interact with me make my day.  

What I earn here is not for my survival but just because I do not earn much I will not leave the Site as I have earned when the going was good. 

  • Do you agree if the community has many users the Site may get back to its old glory?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?

Written by grace


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    • I checked a few posts of others and most have just two or three who have come to their posts. It is not just me. I am glad you have no issues and many come to your post and that is good news.

  1. There needs to be a opportunity to recruit and bring new users to the site. A lot of longtime users will eventually go off to doing different things or maybe reducing their time here. I wonder if there is a way they can check the total count of virils entirely. I imagine that there is a different each year virily is around or month by month.

  2. i know at least 3 authors beyond me that you have offended with private messages about reading your posts.

    I suspect you could simply change your approach and get many more comments on your posts. Simply say I am sorry, to those authors and move on.

    if you really want comments.

    • Users should not leave What is so bad about not earning much ? Most here are not depending on what they earn here for their survival. There is joy in interaction and looking at photos that users post. We also learn a lot

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