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Memories – Pharmacy and Soda Fountain

The first thing I remember when walking up to the pharmacy was, yes, sorry, the leeches in a jar in the window.  Did you know that leeches are still used in some medical procedures today?

Then there was the penny candy and the wax lips and the candy cigarettes, those little wax bottles with the liquid inside and Beatles trading cards inside the bubble gum packets.

And then there was the soda fountain.  I remember sitting down and spinning on the red-covered seats, the feel of the cold marble on my arms on a hot day, the sounds of the soda being dispensed, the whir of the mixing machine, the whoosh of the whipped cream…and the utterings of such unique drinks — a cherry Coke. a phosphate, a soda, a float.  Maybe you wanted a hot fudge sundae.  There was a polite soda jerk to dispense these goodies for you.  Do you remember the sound of the glass on the marble counter as you received your order?

Do you remember Woolworth’s?  In addition to drinks and ice cream treats they served BLT sandwiches and other quick meals like cottage cheese with fruit.  I remember working downtown and waiting behind a person’s seat for (usually her) to finish her meal.  It was always crowded at lunch time. Woolworth’s was a 5-and-10-cent store, although in the 1960s items were not always 5 and 10 cents. Many times after eating, if I had time, I would roam the aisles and try to find a bargain.

Soda fountains are few and far between these days; but there are little gems hidden all over the United States.  Do you have a soda fountain in your area or your country?

Do you remember the old pharmacies, soda fountains and Woolworth’s?

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