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Macro Monday – summertime's beauty

There is not so much time left to enjoy all the nature’s beauty we see in the summertime. Time is running too fast. I always envy those who live surrounded by flowering nature all year round. But we have not this pleasure here. So, in the summertime, I love to stop and just enjoy all the living moving creatures, all the colors around me. As I know, soon this beauty will fall asleep for the cold time of the year. 

But I must admit, I do not recognize by name many of insects I see. Their name never was important to me. The beauty of them, the opportunity to monitor them and enjoy the moment always is more important. 

We all live under one sky, but the horizon is all different. So enjoy what you see around you.

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  1. Lovely Butterfly, and yes in New Zealand we have flowers all year round…Yet because it is damp in the winter it feels cold and freezes the bones.
    Someone told me that just one degree in Auckland is like minus 40 degrees zero, and she was from Siberia.
    For most of us in Auckland New Zealand we don’t have the luxury of central heating but in our place I got a heat pump (that blows cold air in the summer) and that is sometimes expensive to use all the time.

  2. Oh, it’s beautiful – I have never seen it before. Not even in pictures. Nice one!
    I started taking pictures of insects and birds so that I could look them up for identification.