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Macro Monday – Red Rose & Resolve

This day I received a brand new PC today , and I am resolved to begin learning about how to use my cameras, computer and applications better, but a little at a time. 

One day I was walking down the road and took a photo of this lovely red rose as I walked by. 

I get my old computer another day, fixed and sold on to someone who needs it.

This is a really beautiful PC which shall help me for many years to come.. Which is why I know with a new improved computer, I need to change and update my skills…but perfection is an ongoing process..

As I went through pricing new computers through Auckland on the net, I found most prices were all the same for this type of computer. So I decided to stick with the computer that I have dealt with for many years, UBERTEC in Parnell, Auckland and the man who helped me this morning at UBERTEC. made it worth my while.

In future I will buy my computers through them as they are what I know.

I was also made away of an educational resource through Auckland Libraries that will teach me far more for free, saving me at least $400.00.

A new chapter is opening to me, and that resolve is to learn.

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    Stick to what you know, that has served you well, right?

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    Education is a great advantage, right?

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Written by Pamela Moresby


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