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Macro Monday! – From my flowers

At the moment, only the nettle is blooming on my terrace. And I took a macro photo of him. To get an idea of what the flower is, the second photo is of the flower itself.

The other name is Coléus is one of many people’s favorite plants. She is fond of both her brightly colored leaves and her exceptional unpretentiousness.

The nettles are native to the tropics of Asia and Africa and include more than 150 species. However, my darling came from Java called Coleus blumei. Many varieties of different colors and sizes have been created from it. Combined cleverly in a suitable container, several such varieties can compete on the most sophisticated bouquet.

Nettles are very light-loving. We should always place them in the sunniest place, however, protecting them from overheating in the summer. Watering from March to September should not be spared. The water should be warm and soft, standing for at least a few hours after being poured from the water supply. If we allow the soil to dry during this period, most leaves will fall, and they are its main decoration.

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