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Spring Dream 9 – Good News

I can enjoy this spring. From May 2 we have the right to go for a walk for 1 hour. There are limitations but it is an achievement. Slowly everything will come back. I thought this would continue for a long time in the difficult situation we had in Spain.

  Have faith and hope.

Sorry for today’s site issues. I’ll visit you tomorrow.

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      • Yes, and the reason why we are not much affected by the pandemic is that we put in heavy restrictions rapidly. We had too as a very tiny nation with 5 million people only we could have lost thousands of people in a matter of months.

        So as soon as we knew about people dying in the thousands in Italy and in Europe, Jacinda Ardern or PM put us into lockdown 4.
        Stay at home.
        This pandemic not only kills people but causes financial hardship for the whole world.
        Now, some want our scientists to develop a vaccine for this pandemic and we are working on it.

    • I’m glad to hear that. But I ask myself: Is it too early. Today there are 280 deaths in Spain. We may regret it later. There are always extraordinary flights here for immigrants who want to leave Spain.

    • In Romania, are you not allowed to leave? According to the latest figures, today Romania has 12,240 infected and 723 cured 4017. These are facts presented by the Spanish Ministry of Health.

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