Our life can always be full of love!

How wonderful this world is beyond suffering and illusions. It is beautiful everywhere and always. But we don’t see it for one reason – all our attention is occupied with our minds and thoughts, usually about the future. Thoughts that cause nothing but suffering. Thoughts and desires are our sufferings more or less. To live, to feel life, to create, neither thoughts nor desires are needed.

The belief that we can manage and control what is not really under our control makes us suffer. We are hurt by our unmet expectations, unfulfilled dreams, shattering illusions.

Our thoughts, our doubts, make us lose what we could discover if we did not feel fear.

There are own hour and place under the sun for each matter. And if we can’t wait for it with a joyful, creative, blissful and grateful heart – we wait in vain. Our life may not always be full of happiness, but it can always be full of love! 

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