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Love: a gift from heaven or sweet suffering?

What is love – a gift from heaven, sweet suffering, a source of inspiration, or a responsibility to another person? 

I often think about love, feelings and how difficult life is sometimes. It is difficult to maintain this feeling, the world and society are becoming more egoistic, we forget true values.

I often hear reflections on whether it is possible to love the same person for life. I believe so. Love is a feeling that takes different forms, it changes. At first, it is a great passion, then we love a man because we respect him, time passes and we love him because we are grateful to him. Then we feel – love becomes mature. 

Love cannot be suffering, however sweet it may seem at first. It is a feeling that inspires even impossible feats. And suffering is a destructive feeling.

And what is happiness? It’s always here, just need to see it in the small details, in the moments. In fact, I’m happy when the kids run up, hug, and say, “Mom, I love you, you’re the best and most beloved mom in the world.” I am happy when they share their accomplishments with me. I’m happy to have something to lean on, enjoy the attention I get, happy when I just get flowers and feel loved. Could there be more real and greater happiness?

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