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Lodge On The Estate ~ Nature Tuesday

About two months ago, a niece who lived in another city and was feeling depressed due to legal problems asked me and my wife to accompany her. Of course, we can’t refuse her request even though we ourselves have a myriad of problems. When it comes to things about where we will stay while in her city, so as not to make her bother, besides being bored with the noise of the city, we refuse to stay in her house and ask her to find us a simple inn on the edge of town and better if it is in natural environment.

When we arrived in the city, she drove us to an inn located on a plantation. Well, in the midst of such sudden and urgent situations, the choice is quite pleasant. In a place close to nature, it is easier for us to concentrate on thinking, making plans, and managing strategies. Indeed, actually, wherever we stay, we can still concentrate because our thoughts are in our heads while the place we live is outside of us, right?

  • Can a certain place affect your mind and concentration?

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