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Lies – White or Otherwise

How many different excuses/statements have you heard in a lifetime? What percentage of these were lies, white or otherwise? Did you believe them? If you said them, did you feel guilty?

Here is just a small sampling:

I had a doctor’s appointment.

My car broke down.

I’m just running up to the corner for some cigarettes and/or a pack of beer.

I had to work late.

I’m staying overnight at Laura’s house. (daughter)

I’m staying overnight at Bryan’s house. (son)

I’m going to go study with Billy. (daughter)

I’m going to study with Laura. (son)

I’m running late.

I already finished my homework.

I studied for the test.

My alarm didn’t go off.

I didn’t break it.

You look nice in that outfit.

No, it doesn’t make your butt look big.

I like your new haircut.

I got a flat tire.

The meeting ran over.

My new secretary is ugly.

I haven’t had any work done.

Your lip injections went really well. (said to a friend with lips as big as balloons)

He did it.

She did it.

I’m not having an affair.

I’m really too busy to run the Bake Sale this year.

Dinner was delicious, honey.

I didn’t take it!

I didn’t dent the car.

This won’t hurt a bit. (physician)

You’ll just feel a little pressure. (physician)

I wear a Size 8. (woman)

I weigh 125 pounds. (woman)

The check’s in the mail.

I was JUST going to call you.

I was JUST going to do that.

Cash? What cash?

I made this cake myself.

I got a real deal on this Gucci bag for $39.95. (to husband)

Your house/repairs/remodeling will be done in 6 weeks.

No, I didn’t have a party while you were gone.

Don’t worry. That stain will come right out.

I know where we’re going or I know where we are.

I wouldn’t forget your birthday/anniversary.

I didn’t borrow your blouse/skirt/dress/coat/jewelry/shoes.

I don’t know HOW that stain got there.

Obviously there are hundreds of other lies told/heard every day; and I’m sure you could easily add to the list.

Thank you for stopping by for your chuckle of the day.

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  1. The concept of truth is squishy. In part because it really doesn’t always seem fair.

    I love the examples you shared, but there are many white lies we have to tell. THere are social pressures that force white lies.

    You don’t tell a cancer patient that in their final hours of life they look like heck.


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