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Let Your Light Shine

Years ago when I was in college one of my professors said a few words to me that changed my life and helped me get over my shyness and aspire for higher goals.

To be true I wasn’t just shy, I was also fearful of my teachers, I spoke very little and they must have though I was one of those dumb back benchers. A few days earlier we had had written an essay on the epic poem ‘Paradise Lost’ and I had submitted it without my name written on it.

My professor came to class picked up a paper and read the opening lines of my essay and I froze in fear. They usually read some dumb stuff people write and point out the flaws.  Here she went through most of the essay in bits and pieces and asked who was the one who wrote it. Scared I stood up and owned up to my folly.

She simply uttered these words, ‘You cannot put a lamp under a bushel and hide it for ever, Let your light shine.” Those words helped me gain confidence and I went on to win accolades.

Just a few words of encouragement can change our lives. From them on it has become my habit to say something positive to everyone I meet. Even when people say negative things about me I try to find something positive to say about them.

It doesn’t hurt to encourage someone.. so go on and encourage someone today!!

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    It doesn’t cost anything to say something good to others – right?

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    • Hurts my ego
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    Do you like to be encouraged?

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Written by Dawn


  1. Sometimes a nice word can mean a lot, dear Dawn … I’ve never had a problem with it … I’ve always been a lively and open person