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Ladybug ~ Saturday Critters

Ladybugs are seen often as the tmerpeatures start to warm up. They usually hibernate underneath your house. This is one reason you sometimes get them in your house. I found this one outside on my tulip poplar tree. I am sure there are many more when he came from. But they are harmless.

Nature has uniquely designed a warning system of colors. Red, yellow and black are colors that warn predators that the insect they are about to eat might not be a good lunch choice. The colors of the Ladybug can warn of danger such as poisonous, bad taste, or the ability to defend itself against the predators.

Something else you might not know is the origin of the name. In Europe, during the Middle Ages, insects were destroying the crops, so the Catholic farmers prayed to the Virgin Mary for help. Soon the Ladybugs came, ate the plant destroying pests and saved the crops. 

The farmers began calling the ladybugs “The Beetles of Our Lady”, and they eventually became known as “Lady Beetles”. The red wings represented the Virgin’s cloak and the black spots represented her joys and sorrows. They didn’t differentiate between males and females.

Amazing to learn more about nature every day. These colorful tiny insects are very cool to see. They are so tiny you would miss them if not for their bright colors. They are about the size of the end of your finger.


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  • Or did you see the Ladybug in your home?

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Written by Carol DM

Enjoy nature photography. Amateur self-taught photographer and love every minute of the photos from my yard and Dustin's garden. Sunset views from my deck are very peaceful to watch, capture and share. I have two cats, Brendel and the Dude. I share both special and funny moments I capture of them with you.

Also enjoy seeing and reading your posts from all over the world.

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  1. I remember seeing one crawling on one of my belongings … its quite long ago so I can’t remember the details but I remember its nice colour!

    And now I know why it gets that weird name …hehe

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