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Just ~ Wacky Wednesday ~ Wednesday Shadows

This photo is like a lazy person who just stays silent and idle in the archive. That’s because this photo, which I took a few weeks ago, can’t say clearly the purpose of its existence, do you want to be a photo of a shadow, a wacky photo, or something else?

I just opened the living room curtain that morning when I turned around and saw that shadow, quite clearly but there was nothing else there. But devil-may-care, I moved to take a cellphone and take a picture, and this…

However, there is a bit of uniqueness to the image so to delete it also feels pity. Well, after considering that I haven’t found any interesting images for the Wacky Wednesday and Wednesday Shadows challenges, then I think there’s nothing wrong if I send this slacker as a messenger.

  • Question of

    Do you have pictures that you think are not good but it’s a shame to throw them away?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    Which version is better to see?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Edit (Photo on first question)


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  1. I rarely delete any photos. But sometimes I have to archive to another place so I will have enough room on my computer. This photo is mesmerizing. I would never delete it. Have any idea where the shadow came from, it really doesn’t matter I suppose. It draws you in to see more. Mysterious.

  2. An unprocessed photo is like a text written with many spelling mistakes (as probably my comment, because English is not my strong point ?), so I edit my photos for minor corrections (straightening the horizon line or crop the photo for a better composition.) Here I prefer the raw picture. I have thousands of unsuccessful photos I can not throw away because they remind me of a certain moment of my life.

  3. You know my rules, I share all pictures without editing. At least my father’s pictures without editing. I do also share edited pictures occasionally but only ones that I have taken!

    The question you have asked, are there pictures you have that aren’t clear why they were taken is one that requires some thought.

    yes, I have bad pictures.
    Yes, I keep them.

    Sometimes we have to accept the bad around us, to see the wonderful reality before us!

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