just for fun, sharing the sharing is caring posts and quote Thursday (oh let's throw in a fun caption to boot)

Just for fun videos!

Just for fun surprise videos today! I am enjoying caption Thursday. One of my favorite pictures of my dog. He was paying attention to someone in the kitchen (behind where I was sitting) in case there was food coming. But he also wanted to hang out with me.

Sometimes its hard to be a dog!

Caption Thursday

Wait, someone is in the kitchen!

Quote Thursday

When great changes occur in history, when great principles are involved, as a rule the majority are wrong.

Eugene V. Debs

Sharing, the sharing is caring posts!

Anyone can join the just for fun mashup challenge. Just post a fun video, and then add a second challenge. Today is just for fun and sharing is caring!

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  1. Thanks for sharing my post Doc. I hope everyone will join and realize the importance. If not, then there is always a few that will not. And that’s ok.

    Enjoyed the funny videos again. Have a great day!


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