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I won’t say I was Jealous of the butterfly picture Carol DM shared. I will however share that post with you here as well as a video. i was amazed by the fact that she got a picture of a very rare butterfly (rare in the sense that it isn’t often in the area where I live)!

Birds flying are fun to watch. But with modern tools, you can create a bird flying!

I want to continue thanking everyone that is sharing the works of other authors. It is such a great way to show not only that you are part of the community, but that you care about the works of others. Thank you!!!!

Carols Post


“It’s better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than open it and remove all doubt”

― Mark Twain

Anyone can join the just for fun mashup challenge. Just post a fun video, and then add a second challenge. Today the mashup today includes: quote Sunday, just for fun, and sharing is caring!

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  • I love that Mark Twain quote, many more should follow that rule?

    • Yes


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