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just for fun and the Macintosh SE/30!!!!!

Ah, the sad mac! The chimes of death.

what comes next is iconic. It is considered one of the most monumental commercials ever aired on American Television.

why 1984 will not be 1984.

Apple IIc, and I outgrew that. Apple IIgs and honestly I outgrew it as well. So, my good friend, who was finishing up his degree and selling computers, convinced me it was time.

The new Motorola 68030 chip was out and Apple built a computer around it. The Machtinsoh SE had been on the market for about 18 months. Now the new Macintosh SE/30 appeared. 

It was my primary computer for more than two years. I loved my SE/30. I had the always magical imagewriter printer (a line printer) with a scanner you could use attached. 

My class built a Hypercard stack (Hypercard was an application that predates hypertext or Http) about dinosaurs using the Mac SE/30.

it was on 12 floppy disks for those of you that remember swapping floppies!

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    did you ever change the startup sound of your computer?

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    I know, like cars only geeks change computers every other year right?

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    Did you ever have or use a Macintosh?

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    Or have you only used PCs”

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  1. Oh my god I have not seen that box of McIntosh in a long time. My first computer was a Mac but I am sorry to say that my next computer was not. Nonetheless my Mac served its purpose for several years to come as it helped me with typing skills, printing etc etc. Thanks for the memories Doc….

  2. My first computer was brought from cash converters and it was loaded with viruses.

    I went to computer lessons at night school.

    Then my friend and myself won some money on lotto and my money went on to buy an iG5 Macintosh or Apple computer, I had it for years and loved it. Never bought anything else but apple ever since.


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