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Just for fun and Sharing is Caring!!!!

i have to say these shows make me happy. They were a huge part of my childhood!

there are two great indicators of Climate Change in the natural world. One is frogs. My dad actually studied frogs and often spoke of the impact of climate change on the Frog population.

The other is Bees.

My dad had a hive for a couple of years on his mini-farm. The honey was amazing. The number of bees around the world is declining. So next time you see a bee, tip your hat and smile!

Sharing is Caring

today featuring the most current post of Lado!

Anyone can join the just for fun mashup challenge. Just post a fun video, and then add a second challenge. Today the mashup is just for fun and sharing is caring!

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    • i love the animal planet! the BBC stuff just is amazing as well. I always forget that they dub some of that stuff when it is exported.

      I used to watch shows i knew in Malaysia, but they were in Malay, not English. Except for Mythbusters, that was always in English!

  1. Jacques Cousteau was a show I remember very well, watched with my Dad.
    The bees are so cool. Would like to buzz around like that for at least a day.
    Always great to see our friend Lado posting again.


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