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Just for fun and Car Crazy 14

Aurora Borealis

or more commonly the northern lights. Seen in northern climates. It is something everyone should see if they can.

There is a part of me that bloomed when I lived in Thailand. I learned that being a minority is hard at best (there were many times when we well in the minority). But I also learned that smiles are the same regardless of where you are. That the only thing that matters is the kindness in your heart!

The Ford Tempo. there is a sad story with this car that I will not share in the just for fun challenge. Instead, let me instead tell the funny story.

You see this car had a manual transmission. I brought this car into my current marriage. Back in that relationship early days.

This is the car my then finance drove to Cincinnati Ohio every week before we moved (she went to Cincinnati during the week for five months before we moved there). She also managed in the course of six months to go through two clutches.

In fact, in the life of this car (it lived with us in Ohio until we traded it for the Subaru shared previously) my wonderful wife chewed through 4 clutches.

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