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It’s not dead …

… although it did look like it was dead … I have to get real close to see the small moment of its stomach (breathing).

It’s actually kind of interesting to see how animals are still themselves in the midst of the pandemic. Cats are still sleeping on the streets, under the flats and on their favourite tables like nothing have happened!

This cat, well, I shall call it a ball of fur … as it startled me when I was going up the stairs! It was there, by the railing, sleeping! LOL, I thought its a soft-toy at first!!

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  1. lol amazing that she didnt move when you came up the stairs. I can just imagine you watching to see if she was breathing. Whew, glad she was. They can sleep anywhere can’t they. Love this post, it made me laugh. Thanks!

  2. Cats have a knack for sleeping just about anywhere and in any position… Animals in this time of COVID seem to have migrated in the city as witnessed by a lot of people including me. They include hares and raccoons of course but also foxes, wild turkeys, deers and even bears…. Most animals just come in to look for food in the garbage like raccoons and foxes and bears. But others enjoy the absence of humans and traffic like deers and wild turkeys…

  3. That is one kind of sad but true joke a friend of mine once told me about cats. He always had 3 cats and he said if one did not show up for meal times he would know that the cat was dead because they sleep most of the time and look like they are dead and then suddenly leap up to have their food.


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